Opinion: Trum and Venezuela

Venezuela was once the richest country in the region, but the Venezuelan people have suffered terribly in recent years and are unfairly paying the consequences of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

Maduro promised to defend the independence of his nation with his life during a speech before thousands of supporters on Saturday, calling the opposition a “small group of dummies” who “can not think for themselves.”
A defiant Maduro accused the United States of trying to colonize Venezuela and look for ways to confiscate its oil. He said that those who oppose him are letting President Trump make the decisions, but the Venezuelan people do not know.
Many observers see Trump’s aggressive approach to Venezuela as an aberration of foreign policy. In fact, until now Trump has acted in his way in which he has already accustomed us and as many of the statements and opinions of the American president the future can give many surprises in terms of taking a type of action.
At the time of writing this opinion by Vida Social, the following events and incidents have already occurred:
1. The concert organized by the millionaire Richard Branson in support of the humanitarian aid claimed by interim president Juan Guaidó was held in the city of Cúcuta in Colombia.
2. Burning vehicles with humanitarian aid and reporting dead and wounded in incidents on the borders with Colombia and Brazil
3. The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, meets in Bogota, Colombia with the interim President, Juan Guaidó, and reiterates that the United States recognizes him as the legitimate President of Venezuela and discussed diplomatic actions to be considered regarding the situation in Venezuela.

Trump’s high-level advisers universally support defeating Maduro. And people close to Trump said he has a sharply different vision of Venezuela than the war zones of the Middle East. Go to Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq as an aid, a waste of American lives and money. From his point of view, Venezuela is different: it is a neighbor, and a crisis there directly affects the United States, through trade and migration. Trump thinks that Venezuela must be rich and peaceful.

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